Dynamic security in penal settings

Dynamic security describes a work paradigm that is specific to the execution of penal sentences and justice. It places focus on the relationships between employees and inmates, assigning the former with a key function in strengthening security. This SCEPP handbook was developed in order to describe the concept of dynamic security and to make it accessible for stakeholders involved in the implementation of penal sentences and justice.

The three dimensions of security

Successful security management in prisons is based on the three dimensions of security: passive, procedural and dynamic security. 
The security of a correctional facility is guaranteed by the existence of effective and solid infrastructures, clear and reliable procedural security measures, and dynamic security that is practised and promoted.

Security and Safety

Those responsible for the management of detention centres have a range of concepts at their disposal that enable them to define the roles and tasks of each individual in the event of a crisis. The SKJV has compiled the Security & Safety concept collection in close cooperation with practitioners. It lists the framework concepts that are most frequently used in the practice of detention. The aim of the collection of concepts is to support the cantons in drawing up and implementing specific security and safety concepts.

A group of experts was set up on the subject, consisting of:

  • Simon Anderegg, Deputy Director of Thun Regional Prison, 
  • Miguel Aneiros, surveillant-chef, Etablissement de détention La Promenade, 
  • Olivier Cardinaux, directeur Sécurité et opérations, SPEN, 
  • Yves Jaunâtre, Head of Care and Security, Pöschwies Prison, 
  • Armin Koller, Head of Training at Kulm District Prison, 
  • Stéphanie Lema-Parente, cheffe de projets, SPEN, 
  • Antony Meillaz, directeur adjoint Sécurité procédurale et dynamique, SPEN, 
  • Pierre-Alain Nyffenegger, surveillant-chef, EEP Bellevue, 
  • Gregor Schäli, Head of Security and Technology, JVA Grosshof Kriens, 
  • Jan Streitberg, Deputy Head of Limmattal Prison and Horgen Prison,
  • Guido Sturny, Director of Fribourg Prison.

The expert group is also available for questions and suggestions at expertenpool@skjv.ch 

Prison professionals can order the Security & Safety concept collection from the SKJV at expertenpool@skjv.ch