Psychiatric care in prisons

This Handbook is intended for heads of service and prison managers. The primary objective of this publication is to raise awareness of the issues related to psychiatric care in prison and promote discussion among prison and health care specialists to ensure optimal care and, in particular, effective crisis management in this context. 

The Handbook focuses on prison inmates who have psychological vulnerabilities. This group of detainees often poses considerable challenges for prison staff in terms of personal relationships and administration (e.g. Information sharing). The following topics are covered:

  • Organization of psychiatric care in prisons;
  • Principles of outpatient and inpatient psychiatric care;
  • Prevention of mental disorders and self-harm;
  • Admission, stay and release;
  • Special populations5 (people with substance abuse disorders, youth, women).

Psychiatric care in prisons (handbook)

Infectious diseases

Information for prison inmates

When people are serving a prison sentence, health is an important issue. Infectious diseases, stress, and personal problems such as the effects of being separated from your family, friends and colleagues can all take their toll on your health. Below you will find a few suggestions of steps you can take to look after yourself and your health.

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