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SCEPP's expert pool lists people who possess expertise in specialised areas of prison and probation. These are people from academic research and professionals, people from inland and abroad who want to share their expert knowledge. Experts will benefit from the visibility they get through the expert pool. The pool is a self-administered venture to transparently expose the available expertise on prison and probation. People who are looking for experts in prison and probation, will obtain an overview of experts in various areas of prison and probation and can send them an enquiry.

Experts can decide on a case-by-case basis whether they have the interest and time to offer their expertise. Individual expertise is the key to joining the pool. All persons who consider themselves experts in prison and probation may join the pool, including members of strategic bodies and SCEPP employees. The expert pool aims to achieve maximum coverage of areas that are relevant to prison and probation. It is a transparent, dynamic and independent presentation of the available expertise in prison and probation.