Forum of detention and probation 2021

Education – a driver for change

The fourth Forum on Detention and Probation is dedicated to the topic of "Education – a driver for change". It will take place on 24 and 25 November 2021 at the Beaulieu Congress Centre in Lausanne. The core of the event will focus on skills required in Corrections to enable professionals to complete their tasks as well as the further and continued training of sentenced individuals to support them on their journey back to a life without crime. Both issues should be highlighted from differing professional and institutional perspectives.

The aim of the conference is to share new knowledge and exchange ideas on education and training issues in Corrections with decision-makers, practitioners, educators and researchers.

The inputs on education and training will be presented and addressed in two sections and six key topics:

Education and training offered to offenders

  • Education and training in the prison setting
  • Education and training in the transition to freedom

Education and training of practioners

  • Education and training in theory and practice
  • Core skills for social workers 
  • Support and further training for leaders
  • Personal and career development 

Each subject will be tackled by experts, practitioners and researchers based in Switzerland and abroad, who will answer to key questions and intervene in plenary. The topics will also be explored and discussed in depth during workshops offered by education experts and practitioners. 

The programme will be featured on this page at the end of June.
Please take note that the main languages of this conference will be German and French.


The SCEPP shall monitor the current developments with regard to COVID-19 and decide which protective measures are necessary for the conference to be held. In this context, the SCEPP reserves the right to change the organisation and the modalities of the event.